Friday, January 6, 2012

Back In It

Well, we are back to work and regular life. We are still enjoying our new couch every night, so that is awesome. I think Erik said, "Buying this couch was the best thing we have ever done" haha.

On Wed night, Evie started shaking her head like crazy. She kept it up on Thursday so this AM, I dropped her off at the Vet. They are going to take a look at her ears and see what is going on. It could be wax or something like an ear infection. We'll see...I just called to see if she was ready for pick-up and they said the Vet was looking at her again so of course, now I'm nervous to hear what the problem is. :-( I hope she is OK.

Tonight, we are planning on seeing the movie, "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" I am trying to get into the book(and hoped to finish by today but that didn't happen).


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