Sunday, September 23, 2012

11 & 20 miles down

 On Saturday morning, we woke up at 6am to get ready to run. It was our longest run of the season up in Sausalito. I did 11 miles and Erik did 20 miles. The course was so beautiful and the weather was amazing - sunny and warm! The team also put out signs throughout the course motivating us all to run, like the one above. They said things like "I survived a transplant, you can survive this hill" and "Running is hard but having cancer is harder." When you see signs like that, you push yourself to go on.
 This week, we received a donation from my Aunt who let us know that her mother died of cancer and her brother died of leukemia many years ago. We had no idea but that was definitely in our thoughts during this run.
 I stopped throughout the run at the water stops and to take a few pictures. We're not running so much for time but for time on our feet. With such a pretty view, I had to snap a few shots.
 These mailboxes were all painted with different scenes on them. So cute!

Something has been happening to me lately when I hit the 10 mile mark which stinks - my right foot starts to go numb & tingles. I have to stop to shake it out and then keep going. Its soooooo annoying because it happens multiple times throughout the run. This means, there is a chance that for the last 3 miles of the race, I will have to run walk :-(

I talked to a Physical Therapist after our run - the team graciously has one there for us after long runs to chat about injuries. She did some tests with me and made some preliminary decisions about what could be happening. Turns out, my right hip is weak causing my right low back to do too much work which = back/hip tightening up. When this happens, she thinks my calf starts to take over doing the running and there is some correlation between that & the numbness! She gave me some hip strengthening exercises to do on a daily basis. With 3 weeks to go, I am going to dedicate time to doing this so I hopefully feel better for the race!

Grrrrrrr! I am going to try to see my Podiatrist this week because the PT thinks I might have a pinched nerve in my foot. She also said I could come into Presidio Sport & Medicine to run on a treadmill to have my gait analyzed. I would love to do that!

Erik said he felt good during his run but his legs were tired & starting to ache. 20 miles - I just can't even believe it!! 

We rested the rest of the day and then had a yummy sushi dinner together at our fave spot, Domo.

We are almost all done with our fundraising - about $400 to go. I am so proud of us for working together on this goal. We have trained and fundraised together to make this happen!! 3 weeks until race day!!

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