Sunday, September 30, 2012

TNT Fundraiser Picnic

 On Saturday, we had a fundraiser picnic with all of our friends. It was a HUGE success and we had a great time.We set up in the Panhandle Park around noon. We rented a bunch of chairs (found a great place that rents for $1.50 per chair!!) and set up tables for everyone. We had some purple and green balloons so everyone could find us. Our friends brought a volleyball net, cornhole, and wiffle ball.
 It was a great mix of friends and it was perfect for people to bring their kids and dogs. Everyone was just hanging out, running around playing, and having fun. Erik made a TON of home brew for this party and we asked for $10 for a cup of unlimited beer. Everyone loved the beer and it went fast!!
 The day started off foggy & overcast but we got lucky and the sun came out! It was sunny but breezy and we were actually outside until 7pm when it got realllly foggy.

 Our friend Owen, who we actually went to high school with, came to the picnic and we had a blast. It was so fun catching up with him.
 Here is me and my little buddy, also named Owen!
Here is Owen horsing around with Kelsey's kids. So cute!They loved it!

After the picnic, we all headed to Kezar Pub down the street. We stayed out until 2am. I could not believe it. haha. The party kept rockin and we were all having so much fun.

We are so grateful to have such great friends supporting us through this race. We are THISCLOSE to being done fundraising. Great day!!

I made a couple of dishes, courtesy of Pinterest, so I will post those because they were delish!

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