Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday Funday

 On Sunday, we started the day off right by going to the Java Hut for awesome coffee and egg sandwiches. We walked here from our rental house and it was well worth it!
We found this pirate on our walk back!
 After breakfast, we came back to hang out with Evie. Being in a new house was a little tough for her. She was super excited and wanted to run around but she couldn't. She couldn't get comfortable in a new spot. We tried our best to make her comfortable. Here she is chillin' with her Dad.

After breakfast, we went back to the beach where we tried paddle boarding. This is what paddle boarding is supposed to look like:

That is not what happened. haha. Well, it was no sweat for Erik(of course) but I didn't really like it. There were small waves but I did not feel comfortable standing up. I was on my knees for a little bit but ultimately sat on the board cross legged and just paddled around. It was actually nice sitting in the water (68 degree temp!) and just paddling around. 

After the beach, we brought Evie to this little Dog Bakery to pick out a treat. So cute!

We also stopped for ice cream. I loved this little place! Cute little deck, great cones, good weather = a combo of things we don't get in SF!

We headed over to our friends house for dinner and grilled some burgers and corn. Delish! We also played a hilarious board game and had some drinkies. Fun night!!

 We came home to Evie in this little nest we made for her. Took the pillows off the couch so she didn't jump and could lay on these cushions. Good idea & she loved it!

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