Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shakespeare Sunday

To kick off Sunday, Erik went surfing for the morning down at the beach. When he got back, I headed up to the Presidio for Shakespeare in the Park! This year it was Henry V. I haven't been to Shakespeare in the Park since about 2009 when I saw Comedy of Errors.

 The Griffin Family, Amy, and I met up in the Presidio to watch the performance today. Here are some shots from their Facebook page.
 There was a lot of singing in this show so that was entertaining. Also, there were a few funny parts which was great.

 Baby Oliver joined us for the show. He is only 4 mos old and so adorable. He is just so chill and happy. Look at him smiling!
 Please check out the sky in this photo, above. Sunny & blue sky! We were outside in the sun & it was great. This was the weather from 2-4 pm or later...

Now, check out the sky in this photo. The fog rolled in fast & furious and suddenly we were all freeeeezing! The fog was blowing and everyone was bundling up. Typical SF day for you. Around the 4pm hour, the fog comes in. That is why little Oliver had his winter hat on!

When I got home, Evie climbed on the couch with me and took a nap. She was falling asleep here while I watched some TV. Erik spent the afternoon bottling beer for our picnic!

In terms of how Evie is doing since her surgery, we can say - great!! She wants to run around, she wants to jump and play, and it's getting harder to contain her. We cannot let her on the bed because it's too high and if she jumps off, she will hurt herself. 4 more weeks until we have clearance for her leg!!

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