Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hydrating Friday

Our weekend started off by hydrating and carbing up. On Friday, we spent the day making sure we drank a ton of water and gatorade to get ready for our longest run of the season on Saturday. We were set to run 11 and 20 miles. Yes, Erik geared up to run 20 miles. How crazy is that??

We had a spaghetti and meatball dinner on Friday night and just stayed home to relax. Unfortunately, neither of us slept very well on Friday night. I was thinking about the run and it was hot in our apartment. Oh least it wasn't race day!

In Erik's world, he is working on shaping his own surfboard. This project just begs to be done in a garage somewhere but he started doing our kitchen. This is reason #355 why we need to move NOW.

We have been talking a LOT about moving. We are coming up on being in SF for five years which means in our tiny place for five years. We really want to move. We talked to our realtor who works with our property managment company and asked her about rents. Her words were "it's all these techy people coming into the city & driving the price up." Basically, rents aren't coming down any time soon.

We are so thankful to live in an area where the jobs are plentiful however, everyone from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and those thousand other start ups in Silicon Valley would rather live in SF than SV. They can afford to offer more than the asking price for rent and that is driving the rents up for everyone else.

We love Marin county(north of SF) but the rentals are very few. The cheapest area, where we can rent a HOUSE, would be the East Bay. We would have to get creative with how Erik could still surf but we are sure we could make it happen. We decided to check out some areas of Oakland and see what we think. Ideally, early 2013, we can MOVE. We love love love SF but with Erik gardening, beer making, surfboard making, and me working in Oakland - we need a bigger place that the city can't give us.

We'll see!

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