Thursday, September 20, 2012

East Bay Wednesday

Tuesday and Wednesday, I was out in the East Bay for a conference for work. After the day ended on Wednesday, I stopped by Trader Joe's and headed to Tiffany's for some wine and cheese happy hour. She has an awesome back yard and patio so we just chilled out there which was nice. She has the cutest dog, Marley. It was also Marley's birthday!!

I also stopped by our friend Sean's house to pick up a folding table we are borrowing for a picnic we are having. We are going to have a picnic in Golden Gate Park that will double as a fundraiser for our Team In Training fundraising. Erik has been making a ton of home brew for it and it should be a great time.

Nice break in the week to see friends!

Did anyone see Parenthood last night? OMG about the news with Kristina & so sad. :-(

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