Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Day: Stich Removal

Evie had an exciting day today. I took her to the vet to have her stitches removed! She was super excited to go for a car ride and then when she realized where we were, she promptly started panting and shaking. Such a baby.

We went in to check in and then went back out to the parking lot to wait so she could chill out. This is her panting and wanting to get in the car:

She had her stitches removed which took about five minutes. Then, we had to wait to meet with the Rehab person at the Vet. Yes, this vet has an entire rehab center complete with underwater treadmills. We just talked to the woman about extending Evie's walks, strengthen her leg, etc. I don't think Evie would go for the treadmill but maybe we'll try it. 

I knew when we got home, she would be exhausted from working herself up at the Vet. Yep, she promptly passed out. Now, we have six more weeks of keeping her calm!

In other news, I saw this hilarious video today about a Korean doll called Little Fanny Fart Fart. I mean, how ridiculous/hilarious is this!

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