Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wine in the Sun!

 Saturday was another fun day, just Erik and I together. We went for our run on Saturday AM and then we headed down to La Nebbia Winery. It was one of their "Bottle & Cork" days where you bring your empty wine bottles and they fill them for $5. We picked up five bottles of 2009 Merlot from Paso Robles.

We brought some sandwiches and had some wine. The winery has a big picnic area so we just relaxed with our food in the sun - which was awesome. This winery is in Half Moon Bay - on the coast, south of SF. It's a beautiful town.

Check out the wine label on this bottle. These guys take your bottle and fill them with the wine from a machine. Then, this other machine corks them. As for the label, someone puts them thru this little machine to make them sticky and they slap them on the bottle. ha. I'm sure they are like, ehhh $5 bottle, just get this label on there. Too Funny.

The rest of our night wasn't too exciting - we got pizza and stayed in. It was a good day!

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