Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Streets

It was soooo nice out today. Sunny & warm-ish! Today was "Sunday Streets" near our neighborhood so we hopped on our bikes and rode over. Sunday Streets is something the city does in different neighborhoods in an effort to close down streets to traffic and give everyone the chance to get outside! There are sidewalk sales, bands, bike riding, kids in strollers, and everyone just out & about.

We stopped for a coffee and then rode to Golden Gate park where we heard....Opera! The SF Opera was having a free Opera in the Park event to kick off their 90th year. It was a nice surprise to stumble upon!
When we got home, Erik started brewing beer (a pumpkin beer!!) and I took Evie out. I tried to get her to just sit outside for awhile to relax in the sun but it's hard for her to sit still.

This is her "Can I Help You?" look
In Evie news, she is doing great - again. We felt like she had a bit of a setback after Tahoe. She definitely overused her leg and was being really cautious with it. By Friday, she was back to using it. When she is outside, she wants to go fast but when she tries to walk fast, she skips and pulls her bad leg up. Sooooo, I have to make her walk on her leg which means slower walks. We are in our 3rd week of recovery. Woohoo!
 Here she is, napping in a pile of clean laundry that I was about to fold. What a life.

Good weekend - good run, fun, and relaxing!

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