Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wine Stop

On Tuesday, we had a little work outing at the Rosenblum Cellars which is right here in Alameda. I had no idea this little winery would be in this industrial area of Oakland.

We had the tasting room to ourselves which was nice. Sometimes in Napa, you have to wait to even get up to the counter, it is so busy.

Our Sommelier was hilarious! His name was Kenny G, and he called himself the "Vice Mayor" of the winery. Too funny. He was cracking me up. He also owns a Chinese restaurant, but is not Chinese. haha. Here he is -

Kenny G, Vice Mayor on display at the valentine’s Day Party.

We got free tastings due to our co-worker being a member and got a discount on the wine. It was so warm and sunny over in Alameda which was great! Nice break in the day at the beginning of the week.

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