Monday, September 3, 2012

Adios Tahoe

 This morning, we got up pretty early to pack up our stuff and get on the road to beat traffic. Evie enjoyed her breakfast on our little deck.
I think she was excited to leave :-( I think she just wanted to go home and get back to her routine and familiar scents. Maybe she will have more fun next year when she can go in the water and run around. 

Before heading out this AM, we stopped to try to take a pic of Evie near the lake. What a mistake. She wanted to go IN the lake, of course. This is the only picture we got. haha. Me trying to turn her around to take the photo that never happened. Next year we'll get one!

What a fun trip. We got some sun, hung out with friends, got to grill out, and get out of the fog for a few days. Our little rental home was perfect for us, great location, and quite a good deal! We definitely hope to come back next summer....

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