Monday, September 3, 2012

Beach and Foam Fest

Saturday was a HOT, fun day in Tahoe! In late morning, we walked over to King's Beach for some sun and relaxation. It was a dog friendly beach but Evie was unable to come due to her stitches in her leg. Oh, and plus she would be running around like a maniac and that is not allowed either for another 6 weeks.

 Lake Tahoe is so pretty. We love the ocean but the lake is stunning with mountains surrounding the water.
 On the lake, you can do everything from renting wave runners to paddle boards.
This guy had this crazy jet pack on his back and launched himself out of the water. He was basically flying around above the lake! I forget the name of the company but you could of course, rent this jet pack thing, too!
 It was HOT outside and in the sun so we weren't at the beach for too long. After spending some time with Evie and getting ready, we headed to Squaw Ski Resort for a beer festival. The beer festival was called Foam Fest and was a benefit, which was great! For only $25, we got UNLIMITED tastings and FOUR free full beers. What a deal. Good thing we weren't there for the entire time or that could be a dangerous place to be for too long.

 A few of our friends were up at Tahoe, too, so we all met at the beer festival!

 There were a bunch of beer tents and a fun band. It was great to be at Squaw when there was no snow. So funny to see the green mountains and the ski lifts!

After the beer festival, we had dinner at Squaw. Then, we headed home to chill with Evie. We thought about going over to our friends house but we were so tired. We sat down for a few mins and almost fell asleep. hah.

FUN Day!!!

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