Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lollipop 5K

Woke up on Saturday to it down pouring. Buckets of rain coming down hard. Our Lollipop 5K was on rain OR shine so it was time to get ready!

Here's a shot of the rain as I waited at a light while driving to the race. Although I don't like running in the rain, I can handle it. I was just thinking of all these girls running in the rain and how those aren't the ideal conditions to run your (for some) first 5K in!

Running Buddies had to check in early so I checked in and then went back to the car with the heat on for a little while. It is NOT cold here but I was soaked so thought maybe I would dry off a tiny bit.

When I came back to the race area, I found my school and my running buddy, Cat. There was a great group of Zumba instructors there with music pumping for the girls to get warmed up!

After warming up, we headed out into Golden Gate Park for our 5K. The rain let up a little bit which was awesome. We pretty much ran the whole thing which is really great for a 5th Grader! I didn't run my first 5K until I was 25 or something!
Here is my buddy, Cat, and I after the race. She did an awesome job and we finished in 39 minutes. Her parents were there at the end, which was so great. They thanked me for running with her and told me that "she told us all about you." It was so cute and so fun to be able to run with her! I really believe in Girls on the Run because I think these girls are getting a lot out of this group, whether they realize it now or in ten years.

With childhood obesity being a huge problem in our country, teaching these young girls to be active now will probably keep them active for a long time.

I stopped home to shower and headed out to get my hair cut. I cut about 3 in. off my hair. It was getting so heavy & long, I wanted to chop!

Erik went to the beach when I got home to ride his newest surfboard that he shaped (more on that tomorrow!). It stopped raining for a little while so I got Evie out for a decent walk doing our almost 2 mile loop around Buena Vista Park. Her leg is looking great these days!!

We watched Love Actually - which I love! This year, my favorite love story is between Jamie and Aurelia. Although they can't speak each others language, they are in love!

We spent the rainy night IN with pizza and some Edmeades Zinfandel.  Love the rain but we might have to go for a joy ride to get out of the house tomorrow. haha!

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