Friday, August 9, 2013

2.5 mile walk and Hawaiian Chocolate

Yesterday after work, Evie and I went on a long walk. This week, we've been trying to take longer walks because we've both been sitting around all day. After her surgery, 1 mile seems to be her limit but yesterday we went 2.5 miles. I noticed at 1 mile, she needed a break. We headed home and had to pass through a park that she loves. When she saw the park, she started running and rolling around. I guess she didn't need that much of a break!

For dinner, we whipped up some easy turkey burgers with carmelized onions and mushrooms on top. Our neighbors were away for over a week in HI so we brought their mail in for them. They brought us this chocolate bar as a thank you. I am not a chocolate fan but I tried it and it was good -coconut and caramel, yum!

TGIF! We have a weekend of errands and catching up to do around town since we were away last weekend and we're having visitors next weekend!

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