Sunday, August 25, 2013

DIY - Recycle Bin Covers

Today, I embarked on another DIY craft. We have these two recycle bins in our kitchen because of how we have to separate our trash for the city. The tops of the bins are getting dirty and pretty ugly. I thought it would be cool if we covered them so that we don't see the dingy white tops. 

My thoughts before going to fabric store were a)cover with a vinyl fabric or b)cover with fabric and secure with velcro for easy wash. Well, I got the best of both worlds because I ended up buying fabric and clear vinyl for the top! Now, we have cute tops and the vinyl will allow us to wipe down when necessary. 

Super easy to make these tops. I cut the fabric and secured with some binder clips. I made my way around the top with hot glue. 

Once the fabric was on, I went repeated with the vinyl. 

That was it! I watched Drop Dead Diva while I worked and finished these in no time. 

Super cute. The fabric is little pennant flags that will go well with a canvas print we are putting in the kitchen and new drawer knobs I'm getting. 

Before & After

Love it! We might spray paint the bottom of the bin so that it's not white and matches the top. 

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