Friday, August 23, 2013

Drake's and The Forge

On Thursday night, Kimmy came to town! On Friday, we were off from work so the three of us went to Drake's Brewery in San Leandro. We went around 4pm so there was a lot of seating on the deck which was nice!

After a round of drinks, we pulled out the bards we brought and played the age old game of A$$hole.

The A-Hole had to wear the sunglasses. Bahahaha

After Drake's, we went to The Forge in Oakland for dinner. We shared some pizzas, salad, and had this delish butterscotch pudding. 

After dinner, SOMEBODY accidentally pushed his beer onto the table and it spilled allllll over us. Hahaha

TOO funny. Good thing we were on our way out because we were both soaked!!

Hilarious. Fun day together!! It was also "Black Cat Appreciation Day" so that was really icing on the day. hahaha

The one and only....Salem Saberhagen!

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