Sunday, August 4, 2013

An awesome breakfast and Mini Golf

On Saturday, we went out to a delicious breakfast at the Log Cabin. It was SO good!

I had this amazing french toast that was: cinnamon raisin bread encrusted in cornflakes and steel cut oats. It was topped with home made whip cream and fresh berries. Yummmmmm. I could only eat half of this and gave Erik the other half. Might try to recreate at home!

While we were waiting for our table at breakfast, we went next door to this little gift shop where this dog of the owner was hanging out at the door. Look at his face when I tried to take his pic!

After breakfast, we went across the street to play mini golf. We haven't played mini golf in forever so we had a lot of fun!

After mini golf, we went back to the beach for a little while. We decided that when we come next year, we are going to leave the beach chairs at home and bring inner tubes instead. That way, we can just lounge in the water!

Here's a shot of me and Evie when we got home. She wanted to lay ON me, of course. haha

For dinner, we drove over to Truckee to the Fifty Fifty Brewery. We are officially brewery rats. We seem to find them everywhere and go check them out!

Erik tried the beer here but I didn't because they didn't have anything on the menu that I would like to try. Dinner was pretty good but we both said we liked the Tahoe Mt Brewery better!

After dinner, we went to the same ice cream spot as last year. 

Of course, the ice cream was delish! 

More great shots of Tahoe...

When we got home, we took Evie back to the lake to run around. She loved it and we saw a great view of the lake at night. 

Such a fun day!

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