Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer BBQ

On Sunday, we had a summer BBQ at our house. We had good friends and good food so it was a great time!

This is my finished cheese tray. If you remember, I picked up this tray on the street a few weeks ago. I stained it and sprayed the tray with blackboard paint. We arranged the food on the tray and used a chalk pen to write on the blackboard. So Cute!

Here was our little set up outside. I LOVE that we have outdoor space now. I also love this table cloth that I got on super sale at Kohl's. Doesn't it look like 1960's Lilly Pulitzer? 

Sarah brought her husband, Steve, to the BBQ but Evie had never met him. Of course, I was on high alert because we know how she can be with new people, especially men. Well, let me just tell you that she loved him!! She didn't mind him when he came in, sat near him, took a treat from him, and then brought him her toy. Giving someone her toy is the ultimate peace offering. 

Oh look at Evie just hanging out with Steve. 

Playing with the toy - officially friends. I was so proud of her!!

And, look at her here. She was so comfortable with everyone that she was basically                                    falling asleep under the table! 

For dinner, we had:
Cheese Plate
Homemade Pico de Gallo(with tomatoes from the garden)

Chicken Teriyaki with red pepper and pineapple
Marinated chicken with peppers and onions
Beef with peppers, onions, and mushrooms

Dessert was Peach Pie and Banana Pudding

This banana pudding is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Kimmy made the peach pie and it was sooooo good, too!

Such a good time! Check out Evie looking to see what she could get for dinner, too...

After dinner, we brought Kimmy to the airport. It was a great weekend with her!!

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