Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grilled Pizza and New Favorites

On Friday, we tried our hand at making pizza on the grill. We made the pizza like usual on our pizza stone and placed the entire pizza on the stone into the grill. 

Um, it came out AMAZING!!! The crust tasted like brick oven pizza that we loooooove. 

On Saturday, Erik brewed beer with his hops that he has been growing. Check him out picking from his hop farm. Can I just say for the 100th time how much we love having our own outdoor space!?

He picked the hops and brewed the beer with them which is a pretty cool thing to do!
On Saturday, I also made that banana pudding again and we went to visit our friends for dinner so the pudding was one of the desserts!

Here are some of my New Favorites...

Now that we don't have cable and Netflix tells me shows I might like, I found a new series that I LOVE! Drop Dead Diva

This show is so cute. The premise is that skinny, shallow Deb gets in a car accident and dies. Full figured lawyer, Jane gets shot in a wrong-place-wrong-time situation. Deb comes back to life in Jane's body to get a second chance at life. "Jane" has to go back to living her life and learn how to do so with Deb inside. 

It's a cute but smart show. Great characters and story lines. I love it!! 

This body wash--smells SO good!!
Creamy Coconut....yum!

Oh My. This Tide with Febreze Spring & Renewal Flavor (aka the purple cap) smells sooooo good. I smell my laundry during the day and I am like, Man, my clothes smell GOOD!

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