Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tired Evie and a Hiatus

I fell off the blogging wagon last week but thankfully nothing earth shattering happened that my few readers weren't aware of. :-)

Well, one big thing happened. Erik and I deactived our Facebook accounts. We need a break and finally just deactived. It's actually hard to delete your account but to deactivate, you just press a button and you can come back whenever you want.

So, WHY did we go on FB hiatus?? It's just too much noise. It's too much info about people we don't need to know about, too much bragging, competing, and the list goes on and on. We've both always been more about the quality of friends than quantity and quite frankly we don't need FB to keep up with anyone. If we want to talk to our true friends, we will pick up the phone just like the good old days before FB. To get my news, I actually go on NY Times app and read it. Did you know that there was a huge gas attack in Syria last week and 1,000 innocent people died?

Anyway....without cable and Facebook, we feel great. A lot calmer, I'd say. No more Housewives screaming at each other on the TV and no more noise on FB.
So, this was Evie on Monday AM after our busy weekend. Utter exhaustion. 

Check out our veggies from the garden this week. Cucumber, squash, and good!

I worked from home one day last week and Evie hopped on the couch to stare at me while I sat at the dining table. Then, she got bored and laid down in this weird way. She was clearly telling me, "I'm so bored. Play with me."

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