Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Craft Day

Today, Evie and I were up and about all day. We made TWO trips to Joann Fabrics and did TWO crafts. She was worn out from having no Sunday nap!

Passed out while I did the bin tops

Passed out again before our 2nd trip to Joann's

We went to Joann's in the AM, did the Top craft, and then started on my chair project. I finished the Tops and wanted to start my chair project but needed two things for that. Once Erik came home from surfing, we went to Joann's a second time. 

Driving Miss Evie

On our 2nd trip, I picked up a strip of magnet for my Craft #2. Cork magnets! This is a super easy craft. We keep our corks and I'm always wondering what to do with all of them. I chose four corks to make magnets.

Simply use a knife to cut the corks in half. Cut the magnet to fit, pull sticker backing off, and apply to the cork. Done. 

So easy & cute! You can see I didn't cut some of them perfectly but oh well!

For dinner, we had chicken and corn on the grill. We are using our grill non-stop! Check out that blackboard cheese tray serving a dual purpose of carrying the food into the house. 

Oh and look who is once again peering onto the table to see what's for dinner....

We had a fun weekend grilling and crafting!

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