Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunny Days & Salad Buffets

The weather so far this week has been awesome. Warm & sunny - true summer weather. We had a week or two of 65 and foggy which wasn't that great. We wondered if we were back in SF!
This week has been a strange one with work. We are such a small office and we have about half of the people off on vacation this week so I ended up being in the office once this week. Kind of nice to work from home. Evie likes it because I leave the door open and she can go outside to lay on the patio in the sun. 

This scene is from Sweet Tomatoes last night. My friend Kelsey & her kids went to the all you can eat salad buffet place. I ate two plates of salad and mac& cheese - all for $11.50. I don't feel that bad about it because it's all healthy food they serve. I LOVE salad bars. The company was great too - the kids are 5 and 7 and crack me up. 

In other news, I think I want to dye my hair again. I have had it blonde, brown, red highlights, and now back to blonde. I'm thinking more caramel blonde/light brown and can probably achieve it with lowlights. 
Sienna Miller long hairstyle

 Think when I get my hair done in Sept - I will see if she can get me closer to these darker colors. I love dying my hair's just hair! You can change it and try new things whenever you want.

Final words for the day are....have you ever used Oh Wow. I'm about to place my first order and SKIP a trip to Target/Costco. is a part of a larger offering that has,,e tc(which I *think* is owned by Amazon)  Seriously - pick out whatever you need, it ships FREE, and is delivered the next day. Sounds pretty amazing to me. I picked out Tide, Clorox Wipes, body wash, dog shampoo, dog poop bags, etc. It would take me two different stores to buy all of that.

So, that dog shampoo I really need (because Evie has had one too many baths in Pantene shampoo) is going to show up at my door in one day and I don't need to leave the house. PLUS, there are coupons that are auto applied to your order. Woweeeeee.

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