Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stop the Arguing

Our first week without cable has been fine but watching Hulu and Netflix is a pain. It's hard to sift through everything to find something to watch so I just ended up not really watching anything until something major happened this week.

Netflix is trying to help couples everywhere who share a Netflix account to "Stop the Arguing"! I would say in our case, it's stop the negotiating, compromising, your turn/my turn with the dvd's and instant stream. They sent an email to subscribers this week saying they wanted to make sharing an account easier so the separate profiles is something new they rolled out. Wahooooooo! This means that we each make a profile under Netflix, pick our own preferences, and rate your own movies. This way, we can each watch what we like!

After this, we watched about four things and I love that Netflix now shows me things I actually want to watch that just might be better than those damn Housewives. I also found Tia & Tamera online for FREE so now things are good!

This movie was a little too violent for me but I stayed awake through the whole thing so you know that it was good enough to keep my attention! Erik really liked it, too. 

Erik went surfing on Sat AM so I watched this while he was gone. Not very good but jam packed with pretty people. If you want a predictable, romantic comedy then go for this one. 

We both watched this documentary on Steve Jobs and enjoyed it. Good, behind the scenes look at his life, the beginning of Apple, and insight from friends and coworkers. 

Another one I watched while Erik was surfing on Sunday morning. Do you see the pattern of how I watch these fluffy movies when he is not around? :-) This was pretty good and had a different spin to it because it was about rowing. An ex-Olympian comes back to town to coach her HS team. 

Saving money with no cable AND having Netflix show me things that I will really want to watch is a pretty good deal!

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