Sunday, August 4, 2013

Goodbye Tahoe

On Sunday morning, we packed up the house to head back to Berkeley. We drove past more pretty views as we headed out of town. 

Evie loved riding with her head out the window...

Her preferred way of riding in the car is paws on the center console, back legs on the backseat. It is SO annoying because the driver cannot see that well to their right and she leans on both of us. So, I made her stay in the back. I used this bag to block her and look how pathetic she is...

Mommy PLEASE let me up front!

Evie had a fun time in Tahoe. Last year, she had just had her surgery so she couldn't do much .This time, she was able to go to the lake and run around in the yard of the house. 

This was Evie after we got home, unpacked, did some laundry, changed the sheets, and went to the grocery store. She was just begging me to sit on the couch so she could climb up next to me and take a nap. 

Such a fun weekend! Lucky we have Tahoe a few hours away to do a quick getaway. 

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