Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Grill

We are chillin' around town and at home this weekend. It's been great. We made pizza at home on Friday. We did a bunch of errands and cooked home on Saturday, too. 

On Saturday, we returned the cable box, went to the home brew shop, and hit up Home Depot. We had a gift card from Erik's parents to purchase a grill and we finally bought it! It was so easy to put together and we love it. We grilled dinner last night!

The grill has a huge space inside to grill AND a side burner to cook a pot of say, corn on the cob next to the grill. There is even a bottle opener on the grill for your beer while you're outside. 

While Erik went surfing on Sunday AM, Evie and I did some of this. She will lounge in the mornings and she also likes to sleep in. 

I saw this on Pinterest this weekend and think this is so true!

Good thing our relationship is built on laughing!

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