Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trash Can Issues and Candles

We have an issue with our trash cans and our neighbors. There are two duplexes that share the trash cans and we are one of them. Each Wednesday, they have to go out on the curb to be picked up and they have to be wheeled back to their area at the end of the day. We have come to realize that only two out of the four residents really deal with the trash cans - us and the family we share the duplex with. The other two literally do not touch the trash cans. And, if one of us brings them out on Wed AM, we refuse to bring them back in so they sit there until the other family brings them in. This is SO ridiculous!! I can't imagine literally seeing Wednesdays show up and just think, "Eh, someone else will put them out/bring them in". So annoying!!
See the lone trash can still waiting to be brought in because everyone refuses to do it. 

Anyway, although it is August, Bath & Body Works says it's officially Fall. I stopped in there and they had everything apple and pumpkin for sale. We don't officially introduce apple or Fall until September but I did pick an apple candle up since it was on sale. I also bought this pear candle to use right away and it smells delicious!!
Heirloom Pear 6 oz. Mason Jar Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works

In other news, we get to see Kimmy tonight. Wahooooo! She is  out here again for work so she is popping up to see us for the weekend. Can't wait! 

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