Thursday, August 29, 2013

The DIY Chair

Remember my recycle bin project the other day? I was staring at the bin thinking that the top looked great and the bottom was still so blah. So, I bought some Walnut Brown spray paint and painted the bottom of the bin. I LOVE them now!

Before & After

I've been wearing these flip flops all summer and took them off the other day to see...tan lines! 
Not....I think it's spray paint residue. hahaha

In other DIY news, remember this chair?

I finished it and LOVE it!

I took the cushion off and spray painted the chair gray. I pulled off the old fabric on the seat and re-covered it. Put the chair back together and Voila! So cute. 

Both projects are done with spray paint which of course, STINKS. I do my spraying in spurts, outside, so that we don't get "high as a Georgia Pie", as Erik says. 

The other day, Erik sent me this photo saying this was going to be me soon if I kept it up with the spray paint. 

Hahaha. This guy was jailed for sniffing spray paint. Who LIKES the smell of that stuff?! Too Funny. 

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Taralyn said...

Love the crafting! I'm so unmotivated when I get home to actually get projects done! I also need to become a better used furniture finder.