Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Halloween Wreath

One of our projects over the weekend was to make a burlap rag wreath. The inspiration is of course, Pinterest! At JoAnn's, we bought 2 yd of orange burlap to go with a foam wreath form that I had. 
The instructions I had were to cut strips of burlap, fold them, and pin them into the wreath. We would've needed a TON of pins and they were pricey so we tried a different route. We folded the burlap and used a screw driver to shove the burlap into the foam. 

We also put a squirt of blue in the screwdriver hole to keep the burlap in the foam. Getting all of these burlap strips into the wreath took awhile but it was worth it!

Here's our finished project! I love it!!

Here is our festive front door! I'm excited to keep the wreath and change out the bow for Thanksgiving. 

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