Monday, October 7, 2013

How To: No Sew Curtains

We have blinds in all of our windows but I really want to have curtains up, too. They make the room look "finished." Without a sewing machine, I was a little stuck until I was inspired by Pinterest (of course) and this blog post.

Making no-sew curtains is SO easy. All you need are:
  • Curtain Rod
  • Curtain Clips (Home Depot)
  • Fabric (Each panel should be 1.5x the width of your window)
  • Stitch Witchery (It's bonding tape)
  • Straight pins with glass heads
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron & Ironing Board

 Here are my step by step instructions -

1. Wash and Dry your fabric so that if it's going to shrink, you do it before you make the curtains
2. Iron the fabric
3. Measure where you are going to put up the curtain rod and how long you want each curtain panel to be
4. Begin to make your curtain by picking one side, folding in the fabric at LEAST the width of the stitch witchery tape. Pin it along the way and press with your iron to make the fold.

5. Cut a piece of tape and work your way down the curtain side. Unpin an area, lay the tape in the fold (the tape is essentially in between the two pieces of folded fabric).
6. Place your iron on each section of the folded fabric for 10 seconds. Voila! As you lift the iron, the fabric will be sealed or "sewn" down.
7. Repeat this all around your piece of fabric until you have all four sides folded in and sealed.
8. Hang up your curtain.

9. Seriously - it's that easy.

Here are some TIPS I learned along the way.
1. DO NOT let your iron and the stitch witchery meet. The sticky tape will get stuck to your iron.
2. Make the same fold width on every side. You do not want one side 3" in and one side 1" in.

3. Stitch Witchery is not going to really hold up in the washer/dryer. I recommend you eventually sew the seams down or dry clean them once you make these.

I made the curtains and love them! I had leftover fabric so I made this little runner to go on top of this storage thing we have in the bathroom. Super easy and I can't wait to make another set for another room!

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