Sunday, October 6, 2013


On Saturday, we headed up to UC Berkeley for lunch at the Theta house. It was Homecoming weekend for Cal this past weekend and the Thetas were having an Alumni BBQ. Now, I am not an alumna of UC Berkeley but since I am the Alumni Liason with the local Alumni group, they invited me. We went and we did not know ANYONE there. It was a small, low key luncheon and it was close to game time so there weren't too many people there. We had lunch and headed home but it was good to meet the current Theta student that I talk to all of the time to coordinate Alumni events. 
After the luncheon, we went over to "Oaktoberfest" in Oakland. Erik's SF Homebrew Club had a booth at the event so he volunteered to help pour home brew. It is illegal to sell Home Brew so the clubs gave out tastings for free!

 If you look closely, you can see Erik here at the ready to pour beers!
For $20, we got a glass mug and FOUR drink tickets. That means four FULL drinks! That is a pretty good deal. Beyond the beer, there were also a few wine tents. 

We sat down to watch a band and get out of the sun for a little while. It was in the 80's and pretty warm yesterday. Turns out, we sat down at the Family Stage but we saw a fun band singing modern songs in German. haha

Here are two samples of the songs we heard

Check out this guy dancing!

We also had fried dough. Yum. When is the last time you had that!?

I'm going to put out a PSA about drinking festivals like this to all people with dogs and babies. I get that you want to bring your dog or baby to these types of events but you really should think about leaving them home. Dogs do NOT like these packed situations where they are being bumped into and they get stressed out. Plus, on a hot day like yesterday, it's too hot for them. And, did you think of all of the people that might be afraid of dogs? For your dogs sake, leave them home. They would probably prefer a long nap over Oktoberfest any time. 

As for the parents, once again, I know you want to bring your kids to the festival. You want to continue to live your life and bring your kids along for the ride. Go for it. But, consider leaving the stroller home. Do you know what a pain it is for everyone around you to have to deal with you holding up the walking line, beer line, knocking people with your stroller, etc? Not to mention, I can't imagine you are having much fun trying to maneuver that thing thru the throngs of people at the event. We know you need to carry clothes, diapers, and who knows what else when you bring your kids but I have an idea. How about one of you carry your kid in that holster thing and the other bring a backpack of stuff. There you go, no stroller!

And with that, I step off my soap box. 

After all of our activities, we came home to make some dinner and relax. We ended up playing Monopoly and it was actually a quick game which was good. You know sometimes you can play that game for like six hours!

Evie wanted to play, too

Ok, we let her play and you know what. She was good. She built hotels on her properties and beat us. Some dog she is! haha :-)

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