Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hocus Pocus Party Planning

I am SO thrilled that this year, I get to bring my Hocus Pocus party back!!! Years ago, I held HP parties where we would have a viewing of the movie, lots of yummy food, and all guests left with goody bags. It was great. We moved to SF into our tiny apartment, and there was no way to have the party. Now, we have space and we are having the party! 

Now, I should use the term "party" lightly. This party is on a Sunday at 3pm, lots of yummy food, a CRAFT, a game, a viewing of HP, and goody bags. It is going to be SO FUNNNNNN!! (Say it in the Oprah voice and that is how I'm saying it)

I cannot wait to show you everything for the party but I will just give you a hint of something I'm doing. Two words - Free. Printables. Yes. You've seen these fun things all over the craft blogs and Pinterest. Fun things you print, cut, and paste on other things. See below - these are going on wine bottles at the party!

Seriously - If you ever want to get crafty with things, just google "free printables" for what you are looking for and you WILL find it. So many fun, crafty, bloggers create and distribute their work for FREE. 

Think about it for your Holiday party, birthday parties, etc. 

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