Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Celebrating Ten Years Together

On Saturday night, Erik and I celebrated being together for TEN YEARS. We got together back in 2003 and now here we are in 2013. 

Old picture of us in Chicago

We drove up to Napa on Saturday for dinner. First, we stopped at Napa Smith Brewery rather than stop at a winery to taste. The Napa Smith Brewery and tasting room is right next to each other. The Tasting Room was pretty dead. We were the only ones in there for 20 min or so. We tried a few beers and chatted with the guys working there. Seems like it could be a cooler place if they make it more lively in there and drive people in. They said that another brewery is going in across the street so that will probably help. Maybe soon people can brewery hop instead of winery hop!

For dinner, we went to French Blue

The decor was so cute - it felt very cottage-like and cozy. 

There was even an outdoor fireplace for Erik to warm up in front of before heading inside. Hah!

For dinner, we had the:
Cedar Street Tomatos with di Stefano burrata, preserved plums, pine nut crostini

Fine Herb Stuffed Petaluma Chicken with oven roasted brussel sprouts, cider glazed cipollini onions

Wood Grilled Strip Loin with bone marrow butter, red onion marmalade, potato mousseline

For dessert, we each had our own:

Tart Tatin with apple tart, mulled cider, dulce de leche ice cream

Flourless chocolate cake with chantilly cream and raspberries

Dinner was soooooooo good! I would definitely come back here! 

Here's to 10 more great years together!

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