Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Berkeley Sunday Streets

Sunday started off with me driving to SF for brunch with friends. It was a gorgeous day out in SF - sunny and warm with a hint of a Fall chill. I DID hit 49'ers traffic as people were crossing the bridge to make their way down to Candlestick. We have to remember to check their schedule when making plans and account for extra travel time. 

After brunch, I did some errands to get ready for the Hocus Pocus party. I found Evie's Halloween costume for this year, too...

Just wait for that picture in a week or two. haha

When I got home, we went to Sunday Streets in Berkeley. One of our main streets, Shattuck Ave, was shut down and filled with booths, performers, bands, food, etc. We wandered around the street and then headed to the Drake's tent for a drink. We ended up sitting to watch a band for a little while, too.

I think we have the exact same pictures from the week before, too. haha

Here's the band we saw - The Boston Boys. They were pretty good. 

On our way home, we walked past the Jazz School and caught the tail end of a performance. 

We love living so close to downtown. We walked everywhere and saw a bunch of stuff, which was cool. 
Great Sunday!

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