Sunday, October 27, 2013

Brooklyn Bagels and Pumpkin Carving

On Sunday morning, we tried out a NYC bagel place in Rockridge. I haven't had a bagel in SO long and wanted an "Everything" bagel. 

Evie waited in the car while we ate our bagels. 
We sat at the window so we could see her while we ate. haha

 The bagel was...just OK. The "Everything" bagel only had poppy seeds and sesame seeds on it! Everyone knows Everything bagels need those bits of onion on them!

After breakfast, we came home to do some chores and then headed out to meet our friends Greg and Betsy for lunch. 

I wore my candy corn necklace out. I did not have it blink though; thought I'd spare everyone. haha

For lunch, we went back over to Rockridge to Cactus. It's a low key taqueria where you walk up to order and then seat yourself. I had the crispy chicken tacos which were very good! Erik had a burrito which he liked, too. 

After lunch, Erik brewed beer so I went to the grocery store and then carved my pumpkin!

My inspiration shot on the iPad....

Finished product!

Now, we just need Erik to carve his and we are ready for Halloween!

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