Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apple & Berry Pickin'

On Saturday, Erik and I drove down to Santa Cruz to stop at a beer shop, pick apples, and of course, go to On The Border. We decided to bring Evie with us so that she wasn't home all day or at camp(since she was there for 10 days recently). She liked being in the car with us. Here she is on the start of our journey, ready to fall asleep...

First stop was 7 Bridges Organic Beer Store in Santa Cruz. Erik stocked up on Organic beer supplies for his next few rounds of brewing.

After the beer shop, we went to Gizdich Ranch. We picked apples AND strawberries this year.

Erik picking strawberries. There were tons to pick from & we went home with two containers full.

Strawberry Fields

We also went earlier in the season so the trees were full of apples!

Erik trying to take my picture while I'm facing the sun

We also found the little main store on the property this year & purchased an apple pie. So we have a pie for this week & then next week, I'll make one.

After picking, we went to On The Border for dinner. It was soooo good!! Evie loved riding in the car & getting out at each stop to explore new spots & we stocked up on goodies!

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