Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weird Weather

We have been having some weird weather the past few day. Its warm/muggy/humid and there is a mist that sits over the city. So, it's not really raining but it's not clear out. When you go outside, you get wet and have to squint to see though the mist.

However, the mist stopped and it was nice out tonight. Erik went to work and I took Evie down to Ocean Beach. She was running around and digging in the sand. There was a huge tide pool that she was running through, since she doesn't love the waves. We stayed & watched the sun almost set. It was warm out and there was no wind - which is rare.

After we came home, Evie got a bath & dinner. She tried to go crazy but instead climbed on the couch and went to sleep. I think running in the sand and water made her tired. Success!!

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Kittie Flyn said...

It's been weird in Seattle, too. We usually don't get super humid weather but last week it was in the low 70s and humid which made it feel like the South. ICK. Today was closer to normal. Though we haven't had a summer in Seattle. Usually we get at least two weeks for 80-90 weather but we didn't have that this year. Also they're predicting a long, cold, stormy/snowy winter. I'm getting a sunlamp.