Thursday, September 16, 2010

CT to MA to VT

On Friday, I took the train from New Haven to Boston. Kimmy picked me up and we drove out to Burlington, VT. My friend Sarah got married on Saturday and we stayed with Kimmy's friend, Jen, on Friday. We got to stroll Church St. and meet up with another friend, Greta, for dinner. It was a great day but LOTS of driving! It was 2 hr train ride to MA, then a 3 hr ride to VT. It was a pretty ride though.

Church St is a cute, downtown area. There are a lot of restaurants & shops. There was a little band playing live music & everyone is just outside milling around.

Cute cow parade was all throughout the town!

We went to this great restaurant, The Farm House

They had a lot of local cheese on the menu which was delish

They had a TON of beers including beers in a bottle the size of a wine bottle

I had a Hefewizen from the oldest brewery in the world!

Kimmy & Jenn

Me & Greta

For dinner, we had the cheese to start. Then, we tried the friend green beans - which were a disappointment. They were not very good! For dinner, I had a turkey burger with cheese, arugula, & apple. So good.

After dinner, we went to a bonfire at the location of the Wedding. It was a comedy of errors trying to find the bonfire. We went to the lodge to ask where it was & the woman at the desk basically told us to cross over the lake to get there. We couldn't see the fire from where we were standing. We started to walk to the fire area but realized we didn't know where we were going. We went back to the lodge and asked to be driven over there. So, we arrived via golf cart at the bonfire. haha. It was funny & great to see Sarah before the big wedding day!

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