Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meatballs & Hockey

Last night was very exciting. Erik picked me up from work & we went to our storage unit to get the Halloween/Fall decorations. I can't wait to decorate on Thursday!

Last night for dinner, we had pasta with turkey meatballs. A meatball fell on the floor and Evie sneaked up to it to eat it. Then, she sat next to the oven patiently waiting for more to come out of the oven. Add that to the list of foods she likes!

Erik had a hockey game last night. This is the first round of play-offs and they won: 5-1. Erik scored two goals and had one assist. I hope they win this year. They go to the playoffs each year but haven't won yet.

Hockey season is also back....Erik found a way to stream the games live from the computer to the TV. Lovely. We are planning on going to a Sharks game in March when they play the Rangers. That should be very fun!

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