Wednesday, September 15, 2010

US Open

Kimmy, my Uncle & I went down to the US Open for the day on Friday, 9/3. We LOVE going and spend the entire day down there. We were literally there from 11am-9pm. I love seeing so many matches throughout the day & getting to be up close to all of the players. We spent most of the day in Armstrong stadium to see the matches.
Stephanie Stosur from Australia
6'9" John Isner. He has a monster serve & huge wingspan
We watched the Isner match until it started to rain a little. We just stayed in the stands with our umbrella until it was over. Then, we went to get lunch and caught part of the Harrison match on the big screen. This guy is only 18 and from the US. Watch for him - he will be big. He went 5 sets with a seeded player and lost in a tie-break.
Ryan Harrison - 18 yr old US player

We really were having fun. It was just hot there!
We went to Ashe stadium to watch the end of the Andy Murray match.   

Me & Uncle Earl           

The sky threatening rain
One thing I noticed this year at the Open is the increase in liquor companies there pushing their drinks. There is a Grey Goose tent that was selling martini's and other drinks. I felt like half of the people at the Open were there to buy shirts & drink. They didn't know the etiquette of the game(when to sit/not walk) and were yapping all through the matches.

We finished the day around 9pm. So exhausted. We went home and probably to bed within an hour. Great day!!

Me & Uncle Earl, nearing the end of the day. I was TIRED

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