Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lake Champlain

Before heading the wedding, Kimmy & I did some more exploration of Burlington. We took a stroll down to Lake Champlain and also the Farmer's Market. The wedding was at 430 so we left around 2pm to head out to the wedding location.

We strolled down by the lake & on the bike path. There was a 5K walk going on plus a Fishing Derby.

More cows!

Cute Farmer's Market with everything from vegetables to photos to handmade soap

We had a local apple which was delish.

While I always end up reflecting on everything when I visit home, I realized something this trip. We all do the same stuff, no matter where we live. We all go to work - some of us bike there, some drive, some take the bus. We all go for a run - I can run past the GG Bridge, Someone else runs past the Lincoln Monument, someone else runs thru the woods or past a beach. I guess where you live just has to do with options - I have a TON of places to choose from to eat here in SF but in a small suburb, you are limited. But, really, we are all the same. We all do the same stuff in every town & city - it just looks different depending where you are.

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