Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trip to Connecticut

Milford, CT

Erik & I left for CT on Thursday, 9/2. We were on different flights, since he decided at the last minute to go to CT. Sooooo, I got picked up by Super Shuttle at 330am (UGH) and was on a 6am flight to Hartford. He dropped Evie off at camp and was on a 9am flight to Hartford. Kimmy picked me up at the airport which is always great.

We drove down to my parents house and got my absolute favorite pizza, Papa's. The pizza is brick oven pizza and just soooo delicious. We also stopped by my Grandparents house to say hello. It was great. I don't think I know what Jet Lag is because I was ready for bed at 9pm which was really 6pm PST.

The next day, we headed down to my favorite sporting event....US OPEN!!

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