Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bingo & Beer Tasting

On Monday, I did Bingo for the ladies. They were arguing in Russian the entire time. I don't know what the problem was. They were mad at one lady because she kept asking me to repeat the number every time I said anything with a six in it.

Last night, Erik and I went to a fun event. We went to Pedro's Cantina for a beer tasting. For $5, we got 8 tickets each for beer tastings. There were a couple of microbreweries there with some great beers to try!

Here is a list of breweries that were there:
Grand Teton Brewing Co.
Dogfish Head
Anchor Steam
Linden Street Brewery
Black Star Beer
Thirsty Bear Brewery Co.
Shmaltz Brewing Company
Moylan’s Brewery
Trumer Brauerei
Drake’s Brewing

First up, we tried Tail Waggin' from Grand Teton Brewing Co. This beer was awesome - tasted like Blue Moon but sweeter. Apparently Blue Moon is a Belgian White and this was Double White.

The Grand Teton guy explaining beers

Trumer Pils had two beers on tap including a Bitter(?) which I thought smelled like an old lady. hah

At the Black Star table, we tried a double hopped golden beer which was good.

These guys from Moylan’s Brewery were hilarious. They were not taking tickets from anyone for a beer. They would just open up these big bottles and start pouring to whatever cup was sticking out. Then, the older pourer would finish the bottle off for himself. Of course, this was the most crowded table! They had a myriad of beers from Hefewizen to Blueberry beers. The best news is that this brewery is local!

After the beer tastings, we BIKED home. I did not use all of my tickets because I needed to get myself home. Erik picked up turkey burgers for us for dinner at Acme Burgerhaus. It was a fun night!

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