Saturday, September 7, 2013

SFO and Hello, Boston!

Last week, we took a trip to CT for Labor Day weekend! We like going back during Labor Day because everyone has some time off, it's warm out, and not stressful like it can be during the holidays. We had an adventure getting TO the airport on Thursday morning because the Bay Bridge was closed as they prepared to open a new section of the bridge. We essentially had to drive out East, then south, then back up North on 101 to get to Evie's camp and SFO. 

Hi, Fog. 

We got stuck in a little traffic but it wasn't that bad. When in traffic, take family selfies!

Look who joined us for the trip! Do you remember Woodrow Poodrow?

Despite our longer than usual travel to SFO, we arrived with enough time to have some breakfast at the airport which was nice. Our flight was at 11am but we were delayed and didn't actually take off until Noon. 

Can we talk about our snack pack for a second? These are all of the snacks I brought for the flight - hummus, carrots, 4 PB&J sandwiches, granola bars, pretzals, and veggie chips. This was all for the two of us. I like to be prepared PLUS, we were flying for 5+ hours. I don't know how people travel with children. How do you bring all of your stuff, plus your kids stuff, and snacks for everyone!?

Anyway, here's Erik on the plane. How nice is he to take the middle seat so I get the window!? We both read, slept, read some more. 

See that white stuff on top of the mountains? Sadly, it is smoke from the Yosemite fire

We landed in Boston around 8pm and Kimmy picked us up! We stayed with her on Thursday night and all drove down to CT together on Friday AM. 

She took us to her fave neighborhood spot, Sunset Grill. We also got to check out her new apartment! We had some beers and nachos at the bar and headed back to her place for the night. 

Look who else came to the bar. He loves beer!

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