Sunday, July 22, 2012

6 Miles & Renegade

Saturday started with a SUNNY run in GGP. Woohoo!! After a few weeks of foggy runs, we loooved this one. We ran about six miles from the Conservatory of Flowers to the Beach. Took about an hour or so and it was hard! Downhill down to the beach, uphill back to the COF. Grrrr. Oh well. We did it & it was a good run.

Erik hit the beach and I did some chores around the house. Then, we hit up our favorite craft fair of the year - The Renegade Craft Fair! Can't believe we have been going to this for five years.

Here are some cool things we saw!
Ork Posters

Usagi Dog Collars

The Medium Control Shop

Ryan Kapp
After the fair, we had a good dinner at home and stayed in since we had a 6:15 pick up time for Erik' swim!

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