Sunday, July 15, 2012

Millionaire's Bacon

We woke up super early on Saturday to head to Ocean Beach for our TNT run.  Saturday morning was another foggy, windy, and cold morning. We got up bright and early at 6:30am to make it to our run at Ocean Beach. Our friends picked us up at 7:10 and we got ready to run at 7:30. 

Our run started at the beach, up into Golden Gate Park, and back to the beach. It was a pretty easy run which was great. I went for 5 miles (in about 52 min which is a good pace for me!) and Erik did about 8 miles. 

It was coooold after the run.

  After the run, we headed to breakfast at Sweet Maple. They had a large and delicious menu!

 I had the Asparagus omelet with cheese, bacon, and hollandaise sauce. The bacon was "Millionaire's Bacon" done in brown sugar and maple syrup. YUM.

After our run and breakfast, we headed out to the East Bay to our friend Kelsey & Sean's house for their son's 5th birthday party! It was nice and warm and was fun to chill on their deck. 

Here is Erik testing out one of Owen's toys. It was a Transformers head that you could talk into which was pretty fun.

Breaking out the beer pong. We are NOT in college anymore, that is for sure. ha

 Nice to get out of SF but we got stuck in TWO hours of traffic trying to get back over the Bay Bridge due to lane closures over some spill on the bridge. Unrealllllll. 

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