Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Social Saturday

Saturday was another run with our team - this time up in Sausalito. We had a really good 7 mile run and Erik ran 10 MILES!!

The run was actually really good. We felt great and I loved hitting the 5 mile mark and thinking, wow that wasn't too bad! Considering I have to run 13.1, I hope I feel like that at 10 miles soon!

I saw this great sign on the run:

We had a foggy ride back over the bridge to SF, too.

After running, I had a hair appointment and then Erik and I went out to meet up with some friends, Mike, Jane, Jon, and Phil. First, we went out to Southern Pacific Brewery. Then, we met up with some other friends, Andrea & Carrie, at St. Vincent's Wine Bar. I would love to go back here and eat dinner.

For dinner, we were able to meet back up with Betsy & Greg for pizza at Little Star. YUM. After that, I was exhausted. 7 miles, no nap and on the go all day. Whew!

What a fun day though!!

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