Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Evie's Adventures: Mountain Lake Park

On Tuesday, Evie and I checked out a new park. I literally looked on Google Maps for an area to go, saw this little lake, and decided to go! So, we headed to Mountain Lake Park.

This lake is just a 10 min drive from our house and sits next to Park Presidio Blvd, which we take all of the time to go over the Golden Gate Bridge. I had NO idea there was a lake right next to that street!
Here's Evie checking out the lake. She was running in the water and of course, panicked when it got deeper than she wanted to go.

 More history at the park

 I think Evie is sitting here thinking, "Please stop making me pose for pictures"

 Mountain Lake Park is a cute little park with a lake, dog park, and little workout stations throughout the park
This park wasn't as exciting as some of our other walks but it was fun to find a lake for Evie to run in.

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