Monday, July 9, 2012

Ferry Building Saturday

We had another great weekend, despite Evie's news. On Friday, we met friends out at Blur for a few drinks.

On Saturday, we got up nice and early for our TNT Team Run. We headed up to the marina to Crissy Field and ran out to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so foggy that we could not even see the bridge! We ran 5 miles on Saturday Am and it was a tough run. Don't forget, you can donate to us here!

For lunch, we headed down to the Ferry Building where there is a weekly Farmer's Market and food tents. We had a YUMMY lunch. The Ferry building is awesome - it has a ton of upscale restaurants and foodie shops. Whatever you want to eat, it is here. It's right on the water and on a sunny day like we had, the views are great and it's nice to sit outside.

SF Ferry Building
Tons of food and honey!

Bay Bridge

Erik's Porchetta Sandwich from Roti Roti

My Turkey Sandwich from Cowgirl Creamery

 After lunch, we headed home and crashed on the couch. We were tired from our run! For dinner, we made some salmon and stayed in for the night. Good Saturday!

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