Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stern Grove...Almost

Sunday was a laaaazzzzyyy morning. I got some coffee, turned on the Olympics, and Evie came and cuddled on the couch. It was amazing!
We went out for a walk and then I decided to try to check out Stern Grove. Stern Grove is a beautiful park that has a concert series in the summer.

It was the SF Ballet performing on Sunday and I thought it would awesome! Oh plus, all of the concerts are FREE! Well, I walked down this lonnnnng walkway/hill to the venue. There was a huge stage and it was packed with people all around. The seating down around the stage was closed for additional seating. The other option, was to literally sit in the woods. There was a path and people sitting on the hill among the trees. I would've been happy to sit up there but that was packed too!! There were literally no seats for this show.

I learned that in order to go to Stern Grove, you have to get there around noon for the 2pm show. Oh well!

We wrapped up the weekend by watching more Olympics. We are loving the gymnastics(of course) and swimming!


Moonlady said...

hilarious pic of Evie !

Moonlady said...

hilarious pic of Evie !!